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The Prestige Awards 2022 has awarded Apex with the top reward

APEX raises the level of Aesthetic in Thailand , Towards a great step in the Aesthetic world


Top medical representatives from Apex Medical Center receive prestigious award from Allergan Aesthetics, a global leader in beauty innovation. Giving APEX MEDICAL CENTER the highest honor Prestige Awards 2022 in recognition of the use of Allergan products.




In the group of filling, reducing wrinkles (Botox and Filler) and the group of fat dissolving by cold, Coolsculpting This marks the 10th year that APEX has seen usage. Coolsculpting the most in Asia which is a guarantee of experience in the beauty industry for 30 years.





APEX develops treatment techniques And always importing new technology in dermatology to provide the best treatment experience and to add confidence to customers


..It’s a better version of you at Apex Medicalter..