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CoolSculpting VS Imitates, Check Before You Choose!

CoolSculpting VS Imitates, Check Before You Choose

It is a fact that something with a high quality and popularity tends to be easily imitated, even in beauty technology! One of them is CoolSculpting, a technology to reduce fat by cold without surgery and liposuction, which has been currently imitated all over the place. Even though it can reduce fat and has lower cost, the results are totally different compared between the real CoolSculpting and the fake ones.


The cold-using fat-reduction technologies which imitate CoolSculpting claim that they’re similar to it in terms of using technology to reduce fat by cold. In fact, it can be easily observed that there are no long-term study results and future consequences after the treatment of the imitations. In addition, there is no safety research to be certified, resulting in unreliability on the result and safety of cold fat reduction in some customers.


CoolSculpting VS Imitates, Check Before You Choose!

3 disadvantages from using non-standard device

  • The result is not on point Basically, when a medical device is launched, they have to do the research & development and study pros & cons for many years until the safety of each device is approved. On the contrary, the imitates just copy technology from the authentic device without research & development and safety improvements, causing the result not as good as it should be.
  • Risk of cold burn Non-standard cold fat reduction devices can cause the risk of cold burns on the skin, or the treated area will be damaged by extreme cold (frozen bite), which is seriously harmful to the skin. In some cases, it could be the cause of tissue necrosis.
  • Misshapenness Apart from the advanced performance of technology, one of the key factors to get the effective results is experts. Not only medical technology is developed to meet the cold fat reduction standards, but medical personnel including doctors and nurses who do treatments are also developed. Those who have passed the training will receive knowledge and skills in evaluating points, as well as skills in designing patients’ shape. However, patients who underwent cold fat reduction treatment with non-standard devices and unqualified personnel might be attached to the device in inappropriate positions, causing the distortion of curves which is hard to be fixed in the future.


There are many devices nowadays using similar technology but not as efficient as CoolSculpting. You might be recommended from the infirmary that ‘they’re the same. Please keep in mind that there are differences in results between the device that has been researched and developed for more than 10 years and the brand new device, even though you’re advised that it’s a modern and standard device. Therefore, if you want to reduce fat by cold, please think about the service location well. You better choose a place with high experience for more result assurance.


At APEX, we are the most specialized and experienced in cold fat reduction in Asia, and we provide experts in cold fat reduction who are ready to advise and take care of you in all branches. You are assured that cold fat reduction at APEX is absolutely safe and worry-free.


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