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What is sweat glands and sense of smell

Sweat glands and sense of smell
People produce sweat in the body, there will be two types, the first is
Sweat prepared at any time is distributed under the skin and along the whole body. Because there is a face that can help produce sweat to cool the body, this kind of sweat will be ready to let sweat flow to hot places, or when we exercise to control the heat in the body, we will get hot.
Type 2 sweat gland is a sweat gland, which exists in the hip and groin area and may be found in the back of the ear or neck. It is called sweat gland, which is found from birth, but it begins to work in adolescence. It has the function of producing odor, which is a sexual characteristic of us human beings. The substances secreted from sweat glands are composed of various fatty acids, which have the characteristics of liquid and usually have no smell. But when it is secreted from the outside of the skin, and then meets bacteria, or from the food we eat, the strong smell will produce an untimely smell.
How is body odor produced? About sweating heavily?
The sense of smell usually comes from the olfactory gland, which must be said that, unlike sweat from sweat glands, sweat plus sense of smell may or may not be accompanied by sweat. It is noted that people pull sweat out and excrete it again. Some people will smell it, some people will not, and some people have no sweat, but they can have a strong smell, indicating that the reason for the sense of smell is not sweating, but other factors, which can be divided into two groups. is it
Caused by external factors, or there are bacteria or fungi on the skin, especially where the olfactory glands are located.
The cause of odor caused by external factors is that some substances are excreted or sweated from olfactory glands. Maybe it’s stress. Overweight. Some people eat food with strong smell or spicy food. Spices, garlic, drinking, taking antihypertensive drugs. Abnormal sweating or some health conditions can also lead to or some health problems. They may also be the cause of different odors, such as diabetes, liver disease or kidney disease.

Treatment and prevention of malodor
Always keep your body clean, or clean the area below your thighs. After the odor is discharged from the olfactory gland, the content of odor can be reduced. Or choose to use disinfectant soap to help reduce the bacterial content, but it is not recommended to use soap often, because it will make our skin dry and irritate.

Avoid staying in hot, humid and airtight areas.
Use deodorant, and use it after cleaning the body. The main component of deodorant is aluminum chloride (aluminum chloride) to reduce the production of sweat. Some products will be mixed with bactericide and flavoring agent. For people who are allergic to perfume, they should choose odorless products or orange agents. However, don’t use deodorant to suppress odor, because it will cause unpleasant odor and bring more nuisance to people around.
Shave pubic hair or do laser hair removal to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and odor substances.
Olfactory resection is a good treatment method, but there may be side effects after treatment, such as scars and infections, which need to be treated by specialized surgeons.

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How does the sense of smell affect daily life?

Most people who have a sense of smell usually don’t smell their own smell, but the smell will disturb the people around them. This is very sensitive. You should tell the people in your heart, so it should be close people, such as family members or close friends, to help you whisper. Too much of this smell may lead to a lack of confidence or a decline in the quality of life. Therefore, close people should encourage and guide correct behavior, make the sense of smell disappear and restore confidence to the night.

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