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The Apex Medical Center, in Ploenchit Bangkok, decided to carry out several reconstructive surgery procedures after hearing about the victim’s tragic story.

Vietnamese nursing student, Hoang Tang Thi Thu Huong was hospitalized on March 30 last year, after she had acid thrown on her face by two male attackers as they were driving in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. The brutal attack, organized by a jealous ex-girlfriend has left her with gruesome scars from the horrific fourth-degree burns on 75 percent of her face and the loss of sight in her left eye.

Due to the severity of the scaring, Huong will require several multiple reconstructive surgery operations. Apex Medical Center has put together a treatment plan that will see three of Thailand’s leading skin, plastic and reconstructive surgeons repairing and rebuilding her face.

Associate Professor Dr. Anuchit Poonyathalang, who specializes in eye surgery, is currently president of the Thailand Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery Society, president of the Thai Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, and chairperson of the Cataract Surgery Committee of The Princess Mother Medical Volunteers Foundation, “an initial examination on the damaged eye revealed that there is no chance that sight could be restored but an ultrasound scan showed that eyeball is intact and round so there is no need to remove it.
The patient cannot open her left eye, this was caused by the fibrotic membrane that attaches the eye to the eyelids. Eye muscles and eyelid muscles, both the opening and closing muscles were destroyed. Surgical planning is needed to peel off the fibroticmembrane.

Mucous tissue graft from the mouth will be obtained and sewn into the inner part of the eyelid. Amniotic graft membranes will be placed on the bare area of the eye. A plastic conformer will be inserted to prevent recurrent fibrosis. After surgery, her eyelids are expected to have partial function, it should be able be open and close about 50 percent. However, evaluation during surgery will determine the final result. According to the severity of the scar, the patient may need multiple operations” said Dr. Poonyathalang.

Plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive surgeon and reconstructive micro-surgery specialist, Dr. Kidakorn Kiranantawat, will reshape Huong’s face and replace the affected area with transplanted skin, “I will operate on the area of skin surrounding the mouth and nose as well as removing scar tissue from the disfigured areas, to reshape the face to a normal proportion. I also plan to replace the affected area with transplanted skin from the inner thigh to make the new skin smoother” said Kiranantawat.

Finally, Dr. Nantapat Supapannachart, who specializes in aesthetic dermatology will transform and restore damaged facial skin using a combination of treatments, “I will carry out skin resurfacing and build new healthy skin by using a combination of the latest technologies currently available for skin resurfacing, such as Picosure, Sublative RF and low level laser treatments. I will also use stem cell therapy procedures using fat that is harvested and transferred from her own fat reserves to promote fast healing and fast growing new skin tissue”.

Hoang Tang Thi Thu is excited at the prospect of restoring some degree of normality to her life by healing the scars that are a constant reminder of the vicious attack, “I would like to express my gratitude to Apex Medical Center and the team of doctors who are giving me the chance of having new life. I have lost so many things in my life because of this tragedy, I lost my left eye sight, lost my normal appearance, my confidence, and I am going to lose my future career in nursing. It would be hard to finish my studies looking as I do now. While interning at a hospital, patients looked at me, wearing a face-mask, they said I looked like a gangster. I want to be a good nurse. I have a lot of respect of Thai doctors and I am confident that they can make me look normal again. This is a very big thing for me. It means a new life, I just want to look like a normal person again.”
Dr. Nantapat Supapannachart from Apex Medical Center revealed why this particular case had touched their hearts, “when we received the request for help from Vietnam, we felt saddened by the tragedy that happened to Miss Hoang Tang Thi Thu Huong, it didn’t only destroy her good looks but also the bright future of a young girl who has a dream to do things that will benefit our world. So we wanted to help her, to give her back her life and her dream” she said.
A spokesperson from Apex revealed that they had gathered the best doctors and surgeons in the Kingdom to help Huong, “the expertise and experience of Thai doctors and surgeons in this field is second-to-none. We also have the latest and best medical technology in the region so patients no longer have to go to Korea or even Europe and the US to receive the best available treatment, they can get it right here in Bangkok.”

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