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SEXY LINE the Latest Liposuction Technique

What is Sexy Line? 

It’s a sad fact that even women who count calories and exercise regularly can still have a thin layer of fat that prevents all that hard work from being seen. Muscle definition on the stomach, abs, the V line, chest, upper arms, and back can be there put hidden by a stubborn layer of fat that just won’t shift. Unfortunately, this is the fat that’s almost impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise, so those sexy lines that highlight a beautifully contoured figure are concealed.

Recent breakthroughs in technology and techniques mean that it is now possible to achieve a more toned body shape and regain a shapely waistline without having to undergo major surgery.

High Definition Liposuction is an advanced liposculpting procedure that strategically sculpts the body by removing fat in problem areas while at the same time exposing and highlighting important muscle groups in the body to create natural contours.

What is the difference between Sexy Line in Men & Women? 

There are distinct differences between men and women when it comes to what is considered a Sexy Line physique. Both genders are complimented by ripped sculpted abs but muscle lines on women should be defined but not too accentuated. Men and women should also curve in different places. Men also tend to look better with more prominent muscles in the abdomen, chest, arms, and back. Understanding the nuances of these differences is imperative to enhance the female figure.

So, what does the Sexy Line Liposuction involve? 

Sexy Line Liposuction is an advanced technique of liposuction for body sculpting called High Definition Liposuction or hi-def liposuction. Basically, it means to embellish, recreate or reproduce the normal lines and forms of the muscles, it’s like a fine lipoesculpture, more detailed and defined to emphasize the edge of the natural or worked on muscles that already exist on the body. The procedure itself is a little invasive, it’s a minor surgery done in 90 minutes. The procedure can be used on almost any body part, such as the arms, chest, shoulders, abs, buttocks, and inner thighs.

What exactly happens during a Sexy Line procedure? 

Our Surgeon will perform a detailed examination to determine which areas to concentrate on, where to harvest any required fat and which liposuction or technology is best suited to achieve the desired goals. Lines are drawn on the patient’s body to mark out the natural lines and the shape they want to achieve. Any excess fat is removed using a procedure that liquefies the fat cells before removing them. When the fat is totally broken down, our surgeon uses suction to strategically remove the fat so that the natural structure beneath enhances the line and form of the body’s contour.

Who is a good candidate for Sexy Line?

Men and women who are in good shape or a little overweight, with a BMI of not more than 27. The procedure helps to change your body while keeping you healthy. People that are already healthy, but struggling to get rid of those last layers of fat for a more defined appearance.

What type of Liposuction is used for Sexy Line? 

Our surgeon may choose from a variety of high definition liposuction technologies, depending on which is most suitable for the particular case, such as Vaser Smooth, Body Tite, and Microaire’s PAL.

Why Choose Apex for your Sexy Line procedure? 

As well as having a large arsenal of the latest and greatest state-of-the-art high definition liposuction technologies, our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced. The surgeon’s expertise is a major factor in achieving perfect results.

At Apex, we have a highly-acclaimed and trusted team of Surgeons, highly skilled innovative doctors with more than 10 years’ experience of liposuction, including the breakthrough technique in liposuction, Hi-Def, from Spain which is the original country of Hi-def Liposuction.

Our anesthesiologist is responsible for patient care throughout the surgical experience: before, during, and after the surgery itself.

Our high standards were recognized when our Medical Center was accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most prestigious accreditation for health care institutions. JCI). Our operating theater is the highest standard, 10 K.

If you are concerned about your shape, looking to contour and sculpt the body, or want to create a Sexy Line, define underlying muscles, define the shape of your body and restore more desired body proportions, please contact us or 

schedule a consultation here:  @APEXsurgery