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Forget artisan coffee roasters and Zen tea rooms, intravenous drip bars are the latest hip hangouts in the US and UK where health conscious movers and shakers meet, mingle and get their fix. Some of the celebrity proponents of the new saline solution to hangovers, headaches, jet-lag and general fatigue include Madonna, Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford and music industry mogul Simon Cowell. Rihanna recently tweeted a picture of herself getting an IV drip of what she called the “party-girl drip.”


John Myers M.D. pioneered intravenous vitamin therapy (Myer’s cocktail) more than 30 years ago.  The key benefits of intravenous administration over oral supplements or creams is that a patient can only absorb less than 10% of what is contained in pills or creams, whereas in intravenous infusions absorption is 100%.

Apex IV Drip Bar has improved this original vitamin infused therapy to maximize its impact on overall health.  Rejuvenation Cocktail, our new version of Myers’ Cocktail, combined with EDTA (Ethylene Diamond Tetra-acetic Acid), specific vitamins, minerals and personalized IV medication, has proven highly effective when treating conditions such as altitude sickness, hangovers, headaches, pain, fatigue, dehydration, and other health related disorders. Other IV cocktails that are proving popular include glutathione shots to whiten the skin, drips to boost athletic performance, rehydrate, slow down aging, strengthen the immune system, lose weight, detox, and reduce stress.

Apex IV Drip Bar is designed to provide IV Vitamins therapy with leading edge customized vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and amino acid nutrients in a highly absorbable IV infusion, within a welcoming relaxed environment.

IV Drip Bar at Apex Medical Center offers many different Intravenous Vitamin Drips that deliver essential nutrients right at the cellular level for maximum absorption. That means that more of what you need to stay healthy is absorbed quickly and safely—all while you kick back and relax at IV Drip Bar.


1. Skin Brightening Cocktail (30-45 minutes) 2. Celebrity’s Secret Infusion (30-45 minutes) 3. Hang Over Recovery Infusion (30-45 minutes) 4. Super Energy Charger (45 minutes) 5. Rejuvenation Cocktail (30-45 minutes) 6. Jet Lag Recovery Infusion (60 minutes) 7. Super C Infusion (120 minutes) 8. Revitalized Hair & Nail Infusion (60 minutes) 9. Fat Burn Infusion (60 minutes) 10. Chelation (120 minutes)


  • – Each Drip Designed for Specific Hydration Purpose
  • – Facilitates Health & Wellness
  • – Feel More Energized and Rejuvenated
  • – Hydrates & Restores Depleted Vitamins
  • – Higher Cellular Absorption vs. Oral Route
  • – Increased Energy & Enhanced Immunity
  • – Relieves Stress, Improves Sleep, and Slows Effects of Aging
  • – Administered by a licensed medical practitioner that monitors the treatment from start to finish.

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