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Slim Shape By Saxenda

Slim Shape By Saxenda

Get Your Body Shaped 1 Week 1 Kg By Saxenda

Slim Shape, The Body-Designing Pen

Hunger-reducing Peptide-Liraglutide


Liraglutide, the hunger-reducing peptide, is a protein-derived nutrient that mimics the human intestinal hormone GLP-1, which signals the brain that the stomach is full. It makes you feel full faster and reduces  feelings of hunger and appetite, causing an easier way to control your food. This is the key factor that affects 80% of weight loss. According to the research, it is found that those who receive this protein-derived nutrient mimicking GLP-1 hormone only once a day for 4 months lost 5 – 10% of their weight

Slim Shape By Saxenda


Improve energy metabolism → Reduce hunger → Reduce Visceral Fat in your abdomen The main cause of complications and the risks from obesity.

Warning:  Using weight control products must be under the supervision of medical professionals only


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