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CoolSculpting Reduce fat

CoolSculpting  Dosen’t Require Surgery, So It Doesn’t Hurt You

CoolSculpting is a lipolysis technology by taking cold at the freezing point at -5 degrees celsius into the skin layer to break down the fat layer without destroying other cells and tissues. This technology was invented by Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein, world-class dermatologists from Harvard University, USA.

Reduce fat at each area up to 20%

CoolSculpting can degrade fat by about 20% and if repeated in the same area, it will decrease another 20% on average. The result will occur quickly around 20 days and will occur obviously in the 2nd month, then the body will continuously excrete dead fat cells until around 2 months from the date of the procedure.

More safety with non-invasive treatment

CoolSculpting is a procedure that doesn’t require surgery, so it doesn’t hurt you, leave any scars, and require recovery, also known as “non-invasive.” Moreover, it doesn’t destroy any other cells and tissues. It is the first and only medical device currently that is verified that has the ability to reduce body fat effectively with the best result and no surgery required.


CoolSculpting Reduce fat

Reasons to get slim at Apex Medical Center

1. Apex Medical Center provides the most CoolSculpting treatments in Thailand.

2. Apex provides treatment with the latest CoolSculpting and various applicators, which means we can remove fat with higher efficiency, respond to all areas of the body in terms of fat removal, and spend less time.

3. Apex has many types of technology that can be integrated to degrade fat. For example, CoolSculpting and Ice Lab can enhance fat removal efficiency to get the best result faster.

4. Apex has a variety of fat removal innovations, together with experienced physicians and professionals who have specific techniques to provide the most effective treatment.

5. Apex has been providing beauty and skin care services for more than 20 years.

Apex is the first clinic who has provided CoolSculpting service until now for 10 years. We are Asia’s highest number of CoolSculpting treatment clinic and certified by Allergan as a center of CoolSculpting Center of Excellence, the first and only one in Thailand.

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