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BodyTite For Fat Removal And Tighter Skin

What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite™, a breakthrough treatment in body re-contouring. BodyTite™ The Industry’s Most Advanced Body re-contouring Treatment available today.

We all strive to look and feel our best. Sometimes diet and exercise will not shift stubborn areas of fat and even if they do, skin can be loose and need a little help. We now have a fantastic solution with BodyTite™

BodyTite™ is a breakthrough body re-contouring procedure that reduces stubborn fat while simultaneously tightening and firming your body.

BodyTite works on the same principal as liposuction in as much as it removes fat, BodyTite melts the fat before it is removed to help give a smoother result. After the fat has been melted, it is removed by aspiration, this removes unwanted pockets of fat. Then radio-frequency heat is introduced under the skin to boost collagen production that leads to skin tightening.

BodyTite™ and fat reduction?

The BodyTite™ procedure uses patented RFAL ™ technology to gently melt and remove excess fat through a small incision in an inconspicuous area of the body. By pre-melting excess fat BodyTite™ allows fat to be removed gently. This gentle process of fat removal reduces patient discomfort and aids healing.

Get the shape you want with BodyTite™

BodyTite is a great option for both men and women with unwanted fat or skin laxity and do not want a excisional procedure, also excellent to smooth out the lumpy irregular appearance caused by previous liposuction.

The BodyTite system may offer several advantages over conventional liposuction and body contouring procedures.  It is ideal for many treatment areas with excess fat including: abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, knees and neck.  Other key benefits of the BodyTite body contouring system include:

  • – BodyTite is gentler than conventional liposuction methods
  • – BodyTite improved efficacy than other body contouring techniques
  • – Immediate results seen with BodyTite
  • – May be more safe than conventional fat removal methods
  • – Clinician has more control over the BodyTite procedure, which may lead to better results
  • – Clinician can get immediate feedback on the treatment progress and the dermal temperature
  • – BodyTite can be used on both small and large areas of the body

The BodyTite device uses multiple cannulas to extract the fatty tissue from under the skin, and works with a set of electrodes that simultaneously aspirate the coagulated tissue and heat up the soft tissues around the treated area. Once the fat is liquefied, it is extracted immediately and the heat helps to tighten and shape the body within minutes.

The radiofrequency energy also coagulates adipose tissue and fibrous tissues which helps to sculpt and tone the body to the ideal shape. The clinicians has the ability to watch the skin contracting throughout the procedure, and has complete control over the level of energy that is being emitted throughout the treatment with a touch-screen device. Initial trials of the BodyTite system show that the skin can retract by as much as 40% from a single procedure.

*Results may vary from person to person.

*Results may vary from person to person.

BodyTite Success Story

Before & After 

*Results may vary from person to person.
*Results may vary from person to person.
*Results may vary from person to person.
*Results may vary from person to person.
*Results may vary from person to person.