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IV Weight Loss Package

IV Weight Loss Package


Vanquish, the latest in innovative high-tech treatments, is the first of its kind that uses selective radio frequency to kill fat cells without damaging skin or muscle.

“Some procedures are painful and may take a long time; others are effective only on small areas of body fat that can be sucked up through a small vacuum. Vanquish combats all those problem. It can treat a large surface area evenly. It’s fast, efficient, and comfortable,” Dr. Nantapat Supapannachart, founder of Apex Profound Beauty states, adding, ” This is a big technological breakthrough.”

“This new technique is a real game changer—it’s the safest, easiest way to remove fat,” says Robert Weiss, a President-Elect at American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery , a former associate professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a past president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS).

“As the panels heat up, the radio frequency waves they transmit differentiate between fat cells (which are denser and hold less water) and skin and muscle cells,” he explains. “The heat causes cell death in the fat cells; some die instantly, some in a matter of weeks.” The dead cells are filtered through the lymphatic system, metabolized in the liver, and excreted in the urine. “

“It is a remarkable piece of engineering that I really didn’t think was even possible. Not only is it possible, but it works well and is comfortable; patients feel a little warmth around the abdomen. Our initial clinical results have been quite remarkable.”


This Czech-made technology distinguishes between fat and muscle tissue and the radio frequency waves do not penetrate deep enough to harm any internal organs. During the procedure patients lie underneath the device with the panels positioned close to, but not touching, the treatment area. What makes this device revolutionary is that it uses focused-field radio frequency to zap fat without the need to touch the patient’s body.


Several animal and human studies published in a medical journal (Lasers in Surgery and Medicine) between 2009 and 2013 have shown that Vanquish ll targets only the fat layer, without hurting or affecting the skin, sweat glands, hair follicles, muscle, or internal organs. Because it is not a laser, there is no skin peeling, pigment change, or prolonged healing. Depending on your skin, the area may be pink for 1-2 hours’ post treatment or at the worst theremay be mild redness or swelling for a few days but the skin color quickly returns to normal.


The ideal candidates for Vanquish are people above the age of 21, with overall good health and the desire to eliminate fat from their midsection without surgery. It is not recommended for those with metal implants. Cool sculpting or liposuction would be a better choice in that case.



  •         4 to 6 sessions
  •         45 minutes per session



Hydration is the key to successful treatment. Patients should drink two liters of water the day before, day of, and two days following the treatment. Your fat does not absorb significant amounts of water, so Vanquish is better able to target it when your other tissues are well hydrated.