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Robot Hair Transplant

Robot Hair Transplant



A Quick Look at Robot Hair Transplant:

  • This sophisticated process uses state-of-the-art technology such as computer assistance to harvest hair follicles and a semi-robotic arm to remove and replace the follicular units more accurately. The hi-tech procedure makes the process more accurate and also speeds it up. 
  • However, a human touch is also required because each person’s hairline is unique, so the doctor’s skill and artistic execution are essential to achieve a more natural look. 
  • The other advantages are that it is the least invasive of its kind, meaning there are no scalpel incisions, sutures or linear scars, making it a surgery with less pain and the fastest recovery time

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is a form of surgical hair restoration that involves removing viable hair (grafts) from where they naturally grow (donor area) and placing them where the patient lacks hair (the recipient area). Traditionally hair is removed from the back and sides of the head and moved to the top and front.

Hair transplant procedures have gone through several major evolutionary changes, beginning in the early 1900s and progressing to today. Hair restoration surgery by transplantation has evolved into a more and more cosmetically acceptable procedure. There are two ways to harvest the grafts for transplantation, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery). FUSS, the surgeon takes a strip of skin (usually the back of the head, where hair is still present) and embeds it to the target area this is why it called ‘Strip Surgery’. 

The FUE method is more advanced and less invasive than FUSS and the implanted hair tends to look more natural overall.   Instead of removing the skin and preparing grafts, the surgeon shaves the donor area and removes the follicles individually before planting them into the target area. Removing the follicles and replanting them correctly in the target area to make the hair look natural is the toughest part of the surgery. Rather, the FUE method leaves very small wounds that heal with no significant scarring. There are two types of FUE hair transplant:

  1. Basic FUE which has some limitations.
  2. Advanced FUE by Robot Hair Transplant, which is engineered to overcome the challenges of basic FUE.

At Apex, we use Neograft, Advanced FUE by Robot Hair Transplant which makes the grafting process even more simple and precise.

Is a Robot Hair Transplant, really any better? 

When performing a follicle unit extraction, which is the type of transplant, removing units of hair has always proved to be the toughest part of this method. It could take several hours or even multiple sessions to punch out the tiny follicle units needed for a natural-looking hair transplant. The automated machine can help speed up the process in a more accurate manner. Another problem is that it’s very difficult to correctly place the follicular unit graft in the recipient area to give a natural appearance. The robot changes that. It has an arm that is able to insert the follicular unit onto a scalp more accurately using a better quality of hair. This gives doctors a better quality of hair to work with, result in more natural growth of the implant unit. 

However how the transplant will ultimately look still depends on your doctor’s expertise. 

The other advantages of this new technology are that it is the least invasive of its kind, meaning there are no scalpel incisions, sutures or linear scars, making it a surgery with less pain and the fastest recovery time. You can go back to work the very next day. Also, since no scars are involved, you do not need to worry about the tightening and pain in the scar area.

Apex Medical Center combines cutting-edge robotic technology and the highly-experienced medical staff are an unbeatable option for hair transplantation surgery.

The top 6 reasons why people choose a Robot Hair Transplant procedure to combat hair loss:

  • It’s the least invasive procedure for hair restoration (no stitches or staples).
  • There is little-to-no discomfort (no scalpel involved).
  • More natural-looking results
  • No linear scar
  • The recovery time is quick (patients resume normal activity after only a few days).  Patients can typically go back to work the next day.

Who can get Hair Transplant?

People get hair transplants for a variety of reasons. Patients who have had scalp damage through accidents or have lost their hair through illness get hair transplants to retain their original appearance. They might have lost their hair through an accident or medical reasons but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to go back to their former appearance. Hair Transplantation enables this restoration and it is a very effective method in making this happen. Patients with extreme baldness can also do hair transplantation surgery to restore some of their original appearance and even encourage some hair growth.

Why choose a Robotic Hair Transplant?

  • A high degree of accuracy: The robotic transplantation is far more accurate than human surgeons. It can transplant the hair with greater accuracy and therefore greater depth, resulting in denser hair, the puncture wound size is small (0.6 to 0.8) and they cannot be seen after treatment. The result is a comprehensive procedure that takes care of the patient’s needs without surgery and a recover duration that is convenient and hassle-free.
  • No Recovery time: After transplantation, the wounds are treated with Laser Hair Growth that makes the new hair stronger than before. After the procedure is complete, the patient can go home as they do not need to stay at the clinic and recover. Within 24-48 hours, patients can wash their hair again.

Why Choose Apex for your Hair Transplant?

  • Apex has been working on hair transplant cases for over 20 years now and we have undertaken the most hair transplant treatments in Thailand
  • Apex is JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited, which is one of the highest levels of safety and quality that a hospital can achieve.
  • Apex Profound Beauty Clinic is the exclusive user of JCI standard robotic technology. This physician-assisted robotic technology helps our surgeons complete the transplant with minimal risks. The entire procedure now becomes minimally invasive and much faster and you don’t have to spend too much time in outpatient care. 



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