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Zoom! Teeth Whitening

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Zoom is a tooth whitening treatment suitable for any patient’s individual needs. Tooth whitening has become one of the highest priorities for people worldwide. With Philips Zoom teeth whitening, different treatment procedures have been designed to suit the needs and sensitivities of individual patients. For your convenience, APEX Dental Center has made Zoom Teeth Whitening available at both Bangkok and Phuket branches.

A MERE 45 MINUTES FOR A BRIGHTER SMILE In only 45 minutes, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed will brighten up your teeth to a shade 8 times as white! PERSONALIZED WHITENING AT HOME Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite are designed with an understanding that patients all maintain a unique lifestyle. Philips Zoom is proud to present:
  • DayWhite Maximum White, which is a popular take-home product. Its dramatic results include not only whitening, but enamel protection and reduced sensitivity as well.
  • NiteWhite Maximum White, for those who prefer whitening their teeth as they sleep for maximum efficiency.
ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE Philips Zoom Whitening Pen is a convenient pen-style applicator to ensure your teeth stay bright regardless of where you are. MAINTAINING YOUR SMILE In order to ensure that your teeth remain white, use Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean, which is a simple whitening tooth brush. Within a week, you will notice the difference. REDUCE SENSITIVITY Sensitive teeth can sometime stop you from enjoying your life to the full. DayWhite Gentle was designed to counter this problem. Its gentleness will make your teeth feel amazingly smooth while at the same time increasing their glossiness. TOUCH-UPS There is nothing to be worried during whitening sessions with DayWhite Touch-ups available to you. If ever you lack confidence, all you need to do is just use DayWhite Touch-Ups. Within moments you’ll see the difference and feel it as well. WHITENING EMERGENCY If you have a last minute event or occasion that you feel you need to whiten your teeth for, NiteWhite Quick 3-Day is here specifically for those times. It takes only 3 days for brighten up the color of your teeth.