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Robot hair transplant for permanent hair growth

Robot hair transplant for permanent hair growth

Robotic Hair Transplant in Bangkok


If you’re feeling the need to grow more hair, there’s a new technological innovation in town!

Hair Transplantation has been a life-changing procedure for patients all around the world. The reasons to get a hair transplant range from the psychological to the cosmetic but for most people getting a head full of hair has had a positive impact on self-esteem, confidence and appearance. With the procedure getting more and more efficient and economical, the hair transplant cost in Bangkok, especially at Apex Medical Center is more affordable than ever before. Let’s learn more about hair transplantation and how it can help you.


A robotic Hair Transplant is a sophisticated process which employs state-of-the-art technologies like computers to harvest hair follicles and even a semi-robotic arm that removes and replaces the follicular units. Because each individual’s hairline is unique, a doctor’s skill and execution are vital to achieving a more natural look. This advanced process makes the procedure faster and more accurate at the same time. It is the least invasive method of hair transplanting, meaning that you don’t have to go under the knife and will acquire neither sutures nor scarring. This makes it a surgical procedure with little pain and a fast recovery time.



Before the FDA approved Robotic Hair Transplant, people were not so lucky. In a traditional hair transplant, follicle units from one part of the body were removed under local anesthesia with tiny punches or whole strips from the back were removed. These were then stitched back up. The harvested follicles were inserted into the scalp in the required area using a micro blade. Getting a robotic hair transplant in Bangkok at Apex Medical Center is a much better option.



The removal of follicle units is the toughest part of the hair transplant. Just this part of the procedure could take multiple sessions of several hours each. Robotic Hair Transplant has sped up this process and managed to make it more accurate as well. The robot also makes it easier to correctly place the follicular unit graft in the targeted area for a natural appearance. This allows doctors to work with a higher quality of hair, resulting in more natural growth of the implanted unit.

Being the least invasive of the hair transplant procedures means that you can go back to work the day after you have this procedure done. You will see why Apex Medical Center’s combination of cutting-edge robotic technology and the highly-experienced medical staff are an incredible combination especially compared to the average hair transplant cost in Bangkok.

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