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PILLOW FACE – the celebrity trend that you don’t want to follow!
Decades ago, stars like Joan Rivers and Cher underwent excessive facial surgeries that left them with stretched ‘wind tunnel’ faces. The advent of Botox and fillers saw a dramatic decline in facelifts and consequently, that pinched-face look became a thing of the past. However, a new cosmetic surgery side-effect is now appearing and that ‘gone-too-far face’ is back in the form of the ‘pillow face’.

What is Pillow Face?

Pillow Face is a condition that occurs as a result of a person getting over-injected with dermal fillers in their face. This leads to an overstuffed look, which causes the cheeks and other areas of the face to puff out disproportionately. Madonna and Kylie Minogue are the most obvious examples of stars whose new, youthful glow seem to suggest that they may have had fillers or fat implants in their cheeks, causing the pillow face effect.

As we age, our skin becomes depleted in the substances that give it elasticity and volume. Older people, especially if they are slim, will notice a hollowing of the cheeks and around the eyes. These things visibly age the face. Fillers are chemicals that occur naturally in the body, such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, that are injected into areas in the face to plump out the skin, restoring a youthful look. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be bad. The end result of too much fillers is a condition typically referred to as ‘overfilled syndrome’ also known as “pillow face” or “chipmunk cheeks”. That’s why it is very important to ensure that you are being treated by highly skilled and experienced professional who knows the correct amount to use to make the face look natural. The correct usage of the type of fillers is also important. In some cases, untrained professionals add too much filler to stretch out the skin. Overfilled syndrome or pillow face is a real concern for people who are thinking about facial injections.

Don’t let your quest to stay young turn you into a pillow face
Visiting a professional clinic like Apex, that has highly experienced board-certified doctors for all of your dermal filler injections is the only way to make sure that you look natural and avoid the overfilled pillow cheeks look. At Apex, our team of highly experienced board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors will ensure that there is no over-injecting or misuse of fillers, using injectable fillers to combat aging, technique is everything. They may also recommend other procedures such as energy devices like the Exilis Elite™ or threadlifts to lift sagging skin. You can be sure at Apex that you are in safe, experienced and trusted hands.