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EmSculpt- A Mommy Make Over that defines abs, lifts buttocks, and improves abdominal separation after childbirth. 


What is Emsculpt and can it give me tighter abs, a rounder butt and contour my body?

Most definitely yes! The FDA-cleared treatment builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously, and is also used to create more shapely rear ends. While surgery might flatten your stomach Emsculpt targets the underlying muscle-building definition for your abdominals, strengthening your core and improving abdominal separation.



Why is EmSculpt good for post-pregnant mothers? 

If you have had a baby and are not completely happy with your post-baby body, then Emsculpt is a great solution for you.

It’s a no-downtime, pain-free, non-surgical way to define the abs and lift the buttocks and improve abdominal separation after childbirth, known as diastasis recti.



So is Emsculpt, just good for post-pregnant mums? 

No, most definitely not. Emsculpt is perfect for anyone that wants to sculpt their body and achieve fitness goals that otherwise remain out of reach. Both men and women, young and old are using Emsculpt to boost muscle definition and contour their bodies.

How does Emsculpt work? 

EMSculpt uses high-frequency electromagnetic technology, which causes the target muscles to contract. The EMSculpt machine also stimulates the lymphatics, resulting in the removal of lactic acid, which means you won’t get those terrible cramps you sometimes get after a big workout. A thirty-minute session equates to 20,000 situps or squats.



What happens during an Emsculpt treatment?

A belt is strapped around the target area, and templates that are wired up to the EMSculpt machine are inserted under the belt. Strong electromagnetic pulses are sent through this, into the muscles, making them contract and work harder than any gym session could. All while you’re lying down!



How painful is Emsculpt?

The actual Emsculpt process is relatively painless.

The contractions occur a few seconds apart and feel strange—like super-intense vibrations that reach your very core. Basically, during the treatment, you will feel your muscles contracting.



Can Emsculpt be used for arms and thighs?

Emsculpt is now FDA approved for the use on thighs and areas outside of just your abdomen, love handles, and buttocks.

Plus, the addition of a small applicator has now been cleared by the FDA for strengthening, firming and toning of arms.

Who is a good Emsculpt Candidate?

Emsculpt is ideal for men and women looking to lose a small amount of body fat and build muscle in the target area but who already have a healthy body weight. The treatment is not an effective way to lose a substantial amount of weight. However at Apex, we do options for people wanting to see significant weight loss, so please speak to us about that.



How many times and how often will I need an Emsculpt treatment?

Emsculpt sessions are usually 30 minutes, twice a week for two weeks, for a total of four treatments. Typically, one treatment every 3-6 months for maintenance is required to maintain results.



How long does it take to see results with Emsculpt?

Many patients report seeing a noticeable difference immediately after their first Emsculpt treatment session. However, maximal results will typically, be seen  1-3 months after the treatment.



How much does Emsculpt cost?

An Emsculpt session will usually cost between ____ and______for each of your first______ sessions.

If you already spend money on a gym membership or workout classes, then Emsculpt could be the one thing that helps you see amazing results in much less time making it a worthy investment



Where is the best place to get Emsculpt in Thailand?

Emsculpt is now available at Apex branches in Thonglor, Emporium, Paragon, Ploenchit, Sinthon, Central Pinklao, Crystal Ratchapruek,

Crystal Park Ramintra, Central Eastville, Central Ladprao and Pattaya


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