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Fashion Expert Khun Duang Shares Youthful Beauty Secrets: Discover the insider tips from the renowned fashion consultant and image stylist, Wannaporn Prosayanon of DUANGPOSH Consulting.

Unlock the Secret to a Youthful Face: Enhance and Firm Your Facial Features with Thermage FLX alongside Khun Duang, a Style Expert.

Does a childlike face really exist? Lift and tighten your face with Thermage FLX with Khun Duang, a fashion consultant.

Khun Duang – Wannaporn Prosayanon, founder and managing director of DUANGPOSH Consulting, is a fashion brand consultant and image stylist for various luxury brands. If you follow the fashion industry, you probably know Khun Duang very well. Many people may want to know if someone like Khun Duang, who is involved in the fashion industry, has any secrets to taking care of themselves, especially keeping their face looking good all the time. Even as age increases, it doesn’t necessarily mean a decrease in beauty. The secret or special assistance in maintaining Khun Duang’s youthful appearance is consulting with experts in facial lifting at APEX.

 Khun Duang's Non-Invasive Solution: Concerned about sagging and undefined facial features, Khun Duang sought advice from an APEX doctor. With a desire for a sharper face without pain or invasiveness, Thermage was recommended. This non-invasive treatment offers visible results and effectively addresses facial concerns.

Khun Duang consulted with a doctor at APEX because she was concerned about her sagging and undefined face. She wanted a sharper face but didn’t want anything painful or invasive. The expert in facial contouring recommended Thermage, as it is an effective tool for addressing facial issues and improving skin condition. Thermage provides visible results and is non-invasive.

Khun Duang's Non-Invasive Facial Transformation: Seeking a sharper and firmer face, Khun Duang turned to APEX for a consultation. With concerns about sagging skin, she discovered Thermage—a non-invasive solution recommended by an expert in facial contouring. Experience visible results and improved skin condition with Thermage at APEX.

Thermage is a skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy. It is suitable for individuals with sagging skin, lack of firmness, and excess fat accumulation in the face, cheeks, and chin. Thermage can lift and tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and reshape the face without the need for surgery, resulting in minimal downtime.

How Thermage FLX works

Thermage FLX is a technology that tightens the skin using high-frequency radio waves (High Radio Frequency) in a monopolar configuration. The device delivers energy deep into the dermis and subcutaneous fat layers but does not reach the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is the layer of skin that surgeons lift and tighten.

Khun Duang's Non-Invasive Facial Transformation: Seeking a sharper and more defined face, Khun Duang turned to APEX for a non-invasive solution. The expert recommended Thermage, an effective and painless treatment that delivers visible results and improves skin condition.

Facial lifting with Thermage FLX

Today, Khun Duang took care of her skin to make it firm and tight with APEX once again, using Thermage FLX. She has been taking more pictures lately and meeting many people, so she wants to look good all the time. She noticed that her face was slightly sagging and wanted a sharper face to look great in any angle. That’s when she thought of APEX as the first place to help her achieve a clearer facial contour.

Khun Duang's Non-Invasive Facial Transformation at APEX: Seeking a sharper and more defined face, Khun Duang consulted an expert at APEX for a non-painful and non-invasive solution. The recommended treatment, Thermage, effectively addresses sagging and improves skin condition, delivering visible results.

Why choose Thermage FLX at APEX

As everyone knows, Khun Duang is interested in wellness, anti-aging, and beauty. She keeps up with the latest beauty technologies and has tried many different methods. She feels that Thermage FLX at APEX suits her needs when it comes to facial lifting. This is her second time returning to APEX to emphasize the tightening of her face. She was highly impressed with the results from her first treatment. Her face became firmer, and her skin felt tighter as if collagen had been added. No matter which angle she took photos from, she looked beautiful and clear.

Assessment by expert doctors at APEX

Before going for Thermage FLX, it is important to consult with a doctor. You should discuss your concerns and desired outcomes with the doctor. In today’s case, Duang wanted the doctor to assist with skin tightening and achieving a sharper facial contour. She wanted to look great in photos. The doctor assessed her facial features and explained the potential outcomes of Thermage FLX. The doctor mentioned that Duang’s face had started to show sagging in the facial contour, nasolabial folds were becoming more defined, and the skin was starting to droop. The doctor’s goal was to restore her face to its original position. The expected results of Thermage FLX were firmer and more toned skin, improved firmness of the cheeks, and a lifted facial contour. After the treatment, visible results were expected within 3-6 months, with an initial improvement of 20-30%.

Khun Duang's Non-Invasive Facial Transformation: Seeking a sharper and defined face, Khun Duang chose APEX for expert advice. The recommended Thermage treatment offered visible results without pain or invasiveness, addressing sagging and improving skin condition effectively.

During Thermage FLX treatment

During Thermage FLX treatment, you may feel a warm sensation on the skin. However, it is good that there is a cooling gel and cool airflow to prevent the skin from becoming too hot.

Results after the treatment

The immediate results of the treatment were positive. Duang liked the results, particularly in terms of her facial contour, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and lifted eyebrows. The doctor adjusted the lifted eyebrows to ensure symmetry. Duang was very pleased with the immediate visible results. She felt that her face appeared firmer and had a clearer facial contour.

Recommendations for individuals with sagging skin

For individuals with sagging skin, Duang highly recommends Thermage FLX. The advantage of Thermage FLX is its innovative heat technology that helps in skin tightening and achieving a clearer facial contour. It results in a smaller face, lifted facial features, tighter skin, and increased collagen production. Duang suggests that anyone who is concerned about sagging skin or wants to lift their facial features should consider Thermage FLX at APEX, as it is ranked number one in terms of skin tightening.

Thermage FLX: Unveiling Youthful Beauty with Khun Duang, Fashion Expert.
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Thermage FLX: Unveiling Youthful Beauty with Khun Duang, Fashion Expert.
Unveiling Khun Duang's Secret to Youthful Beauty: Explore Expert Face Lifting and Rejuvenation Advice at APEX Clinic for an Enhanced Beauty Journey and Timeless Appearance.
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